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Urdu shayari love – Urdu shayari

Urdu Shayari love

Urdu shayari love – Urdu shayari

We are here today for provide you a different type of Urdu Love shayari. As you all know that today every second person likes Poetry for sharing with their friends family and specially with their Girlfriend  or Boyfriend. So today we share with you Urdu Love shayari in English, Love poetry in urdu romantic, urdu love poetry for her most romantic love poetry in urdu, Sad love poetry in Urdu and love shayari urdu.
So first of all we will tell you why people like Urdu shayari love. The main reason is that people want to share their feelings with their Friends and Family in the form of poetry. The biggest source of sharing feelings is social media So to share on social media, people search Urdu shayari love on Google.com and share it on their social media.
So here comes the thing that people just read and download the thing that most impresses them. So it is our responsibility to provide unique content to the people.
The most beautiful relationship in the world is love. Because in a relationship that is not loved, there is a lot of trouble in that relationship. It is not necessary for a man to love his or her Girl friend or a boy friend because love is a feelings that a man has with his Parents, siblings and friends.

love Urdu Shayari

Tujhy hazar bar dekh kar bhi dil nahi bharta
Har bar dil nay kaha sirf ek bar or.
تجھے ہزار بار دیکھا دل نہیں بھرا
ہر بار دل نے کہا صرف ایک باراور
Darad darad hi raha
Sidha bhi likha ulta bhi likha
درد درد ہی راہا
سیدھا بھی لکھا اُلٹا بھی لکھا
Bohat muqadas ho tum
Mery iman tarhan
بہت مقدس ہو تم
میرے ایمان کی طرح
Jab tum mujhy janat kay bagh main milo gi
To main tumhyn  ishaq kay izhar main Surah e Yaseen sunaounga
جب تم مجھے جنت کے باغات میں ملوگے
تومیں تمیں عشق کے اظہار میں سورہ یاسین سناؤں گا
Tumhyn maloom hai jana tum bin adhoora hun main
Tum pani ho agar to sadiyoun ka piyasa hun main
تمھیں معلوم ہے جانا ، تم بن ادھورا ہوں میں
تم پانی ہو تو سادیوں کا پیاسہ ہوں میں
Hope you like some of the Urdu shayari love above.
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Pictures are the most shared content on social media. Urdu Poetry creates some images for its audience separately because most of the people wanted to share images of urdu shayari love with their friends.
We work so hard and only for our viewers, because if we give good and unique content to the people, it is imperative that the viewers will like us more and more. Hope you like our content.

Urdu shayari love

Urdu shayari pic

Urdu shayari love - Urdu shayari
Urdu shayari love – Urdu shayari

Urdu shayari love - Urdu shayari
Urdu shayari love – Urdu shayari
Urdu shayari love - Urdu shayari
Urdu shayari love – Urdu shayari
Urdu shayari love – Urdu shayari and urdu love shayari and many other amazing content. 

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