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Urdu Language- Urdu Shayari

Urdu Language

Urdu Language- Urdu Shayari

As you all know, in today’s era where young people are forgetting speaking Urdu properly , there is a huge number of young people who like Poetry and share their social media accounts like on whatsapp, facebook, instagram, Tiktok etc. Like others, we have a duty to make this trend of the Poetry within our nation because this way we can promote Urdu language among the nation of Pakistan.

Disadvantage of Other languages

One of the biggest disadvantage of not reading Urdu books and poetry was that we started to forget our own language and we started using other language words in our language. Our people are far behind the world even though there is a lot of talent especially because we have to forget our own languages.
Today, our education system is in English while our huge amount of people who do not know English. The only solution is to either make our education system in Urdu or teach our people English.

Trend Of Urdu language:

Poetry is a big source to increase the trend of Urdu among our people. We aim to promote Urdu and English language but in a proper way.

Word Urdu:

The name Urdu was first introduced by the poet Ghulam Hamadani Mushafi around 1780. And Urdu language is a Mixture of different languages like Arabic, Persian, Hindi etc

Famous Poets:

Let us first tell you the name of some famous Urdu poets
·         Khawaja mir dard
·         Mir Taqi Mir
·         Nazir aqbar abadi
·         Alama Mohammad iqbal
·         Hasrat Muhani
·         Mirza asad ullah Khan Galib
We have given you the names of a few people who have done a lot of service to Urdu. Besides, there are many great personalities who have spent their lives in the service of Urdu language.

Importance of Urdu language:

Here we will provide some points for our Viewers which is our personal opinion.
·         To facilitate the educational system.
·         Easy to communicate with people.
·         The educational system will be easy for every common and special person.
·         Understand everything well whether it is the education system or the economy.
·         Government should easily understand the problems of the people.

As you know many languages are spoken in Pakistan and not every one understands another language. If all the people of Pakistan start speaking Urdu correctly, then this problem will be solved.  
We do not want you to forget your regional languages at all. We just want you to learn the Urdu language. That way you can understand every Pakistani.

We hope you like our feedback, If you agree with our feedback, come join us and promote your language.

Our website urdushayyari.com not only provides you Urdu poetry, but also keeps you updated on various types of information.

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Article by: Syed Usama Hussain Shah
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