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Collection of Urdu Love Poetry Images 2020 – Urdu Poetry

Collection of Urdu Love Poetry Images 2020 – Urdu Poetry

As you all know, as time passes the people are taking a lot of interest in Urdu poetry, Sad Urdu poetry, Love urdu poetry, Urdu poetry for girl friend, Urdu shayari love, Urdu shayari in hindi, urdu shayari sms, Urdu shayari pic, Urdu shayari for friends, Urdu shayari on eyes and Urdu shayari status. We thought why not we provide you that type of content. We give you different type of poetry in our website and Urdu shayari is at the top of it all.

Urdu Love Poetry

Urdu Love Poetry

Urdu Love Poetry

As we see a lot of Urdu language Poets like, Allama Mohammad Iqbal, Mirza Asad Ullah Khan Galib, Mir Dard and more famous poets. It would be fair to say that these poets protected the Urdu Language and kept it in front of us in true form till today. As time goes, people are forgetting their language Urdu, but thanks to the great poets, in their books we see the true form of urdu language.
today we want to share with you Urdu love poetry images. hope you will like it.

Urdu Love Poetry Images 2020 

First let us know about Urdu love poetry.
Basically love is a feelings of man. without love, life is incomplete. 

so there is a many ways to express your feelings. but the poetry is a famous and most amazing way to share your feelings with your friends and family.

there is a lot of languages and also a lot of poets of different languages. So Urdu language is a big language many of the people speaks Urdu.

Many Urdu  speakers like Urdu love Poetry so we decided to share with you Urdu love Poetry.

You can share Urdu love Poetry on what’s app, facebook, instagram and also on Twitter.

Urdu Love Poetry

Here we share with you Urdu love Poetry images in two types.
1) Urdu love Poetry in Roman 
2) Urdu love Poetry in Urdu 

So Friends there is a huge amount of Urdu Poetry images. if you want more content so,

Urdu Love Poetry in roman Images 2020: 

So first we talking about Urdu love Poetry in Roman.

Roman, in this we write Urdu languages with English alphabets so it’s called Roman Urdu.

Urdu Love Poetry Roman is also helpful for Indian peoples who speak Urdu but do not write or read.

so the following images are Urdu love Poetry in Roman images.

Urdu Love Poetry


Urdu Love Poetry


Urdu Love Poetry


Urdu Love Poetry


Urdu Love Poetry in Urdu Images 2020: 

Now this is a part of Urdu love Poetry in Urdu in which we provide you simple Urdu language poetry images.

so the followings images are Urdu love Poetry in Urdu images.

Urdu Love Poetry



Urdu Love Poetry


Urdu Love Poetry


Urdu Love Poetry


Hope guys you like our content so guys do not forget it with you friends and family on social media.

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